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So many people today have no time to read,  thanks to social media most no longer have the attention span to read beyond the headlines.

A good way to expand your horizons, knowledge and well being is by checking out some amazing podcasts, audio books, or holistic apps available at a click of a button.


We at HIVE absolutely love Monocle and have been subscribing for many years, it is where we get our news and business information from around the world. What is important to remember is to listen objectively, check your sources and to listen to all sides of a story before jumping to conclusions.

Podcast, Sound Cloud or Spotify

NPR has an amazing collection of shows that range from news to entertainment, we especially like invisibilia a show that never ceases to surprise us!

Want to learn more about our bodies and how you can live your best life? Then check out Broken Brain by Dhru Purohit full of information of what you can do to improve your health and wellbeing.

Your Wrong About will take you through history to reconsider what has been muscat in the public imagination, it will make you think about how you get and interpret your information.

If you are overwhelmed and don’t know where to start simply search the best podcast and go through to find one that suits your mood, there is something for everyone and it is really a great way to learn and expand your horizons.

Holistic Healing

Of course we have to have a few suggestions that actually help you holistically! Have you noticed how many apps there are for breathing and meditation? There is a large selection to choose from and we encourage to find one and take those few minutes to connect to your breathe and your being, and remember it is okay to let your mind wander, what is important is to be aware and present.  We regularly use the Calm or Oura app for breathing and meditation, the Oura is quite helpful as it is also a wearable.

There is even a hypnosis app by Grace Smith which aims to make hypnosis main stream, do not worry you will not be walking around like a zombie! Rather you can choose from a number of therapies ranging from losing weight, to motivation or setting a private online consultation with a therapist. Hypnosis has been proven to be very effective, but again it all depends on the person.

The Power Of Silence   

There are those days, that only silence or the sound of nature is what the body needs.  Make sure that you are also taking the time to do things such as cooking, reading, puzzling in silence and concentrating on the task at hand.  Because even though listening to audio and learning new information is great, as everything else, we need to learn moderation and learn to be happy with the silence.

If you have any suggestions for us please send us in an email we at HIVE are always interested in learning more!




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