Blood Work Benefits

With all the advise out there on what super foods to eat and supplements to take its best to see a doctor who will diagnose your blood work to determine what is missing from your diet and nutrition. It is important to do this regularly perhaps along with your annual health check.

Blood Infusions

There are a number of ways to help you get the right amount of vitamins, electrolytes and minerals into your body. What I believe is most effective are infusions. You can eat spinach all day long and you still would not get the amount of iron your body needs if you are slightly anaemic. However through infusions you would and your doctor would be able to tell if the iron is actually being absorbed through your body.

Too much of a good thing

Find a reputable clinic or doctor that is able to not only take and analyse your blood but also diagnose with you the effectiveness of your infusions. If you regularly take infusions check to see how you manage without, and question why your body is not able to absorb these infusions for longer periods of time. This is something that your doctor should follow up on, especially if you find yourself getting infusions more often than usual. This could be a signal that your body is actually not absorbing the nutrients it is getting.

Whats your target?

There are many infusions out there that target stress, fatigue, vitamin deficiencies, but before embarking on a session it is important to compare your blood work before and after, and be aware of how your body responds to the infusions and for how long.

Not Just for Winter

Most people get their infusions to boost their immunity in the winter, however with the times that we are living through now even more important to go more often to keep our immune system strong and our energy levels high.

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