HIVE The Good Life has collaborated in the past with different events and local shops, we are happy to offer our products for tasting and purchasing at events and markets.  We also would like to continue to collaborate with like minded individuals so that we can expand together.  At the moment we are looking for a candle maker to develop with us a HIVE candle, something that will accompany our Oat and Flower Bath Salt, it is a candle that lasts 20 minutes or if it is larger finishes after 1 hour of use.  Our main focus to find a regional manufacturer that works with bees, and can come up with a simple design that compliments our brand.  So if you know anyone are are yourself a candle maker do reach out to us at  

It is these types of collaborations that we are looking for, people that compliment the existing brand.  What we have found is that most companies are limited in their vision.  For instance, providing a sample of granola with a clean beauty company is not unusual as beauty and nutrition go hand in hand.  Unfortunately most beauty companies do not share the same view instead they focus on only beauty products.  At one point we had the idea to have a surprise in the granola package something to treasure from a local jeweller, again we were told that it was not the right match.  I don’t see why not?  Cracker Jack boxes always had prizes and this was made famous in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany. So to us it seemed like a great way to engage with our customers and share some of the beautiful things in our area.  It is still something we would like to do, prizes in granolas packets but I believe it will take this region some time to come around to the idea.

That is why we believe that finding the right partners in various countries will allow HIVE The Good Life to grow in an organic and regional manner that allows each partner to find the right way to raise awareness of the local markets around them.  Supporting the local market both improves our own business and brings awareness to products and merchandise locally produced.  Today we care more about where things come from, how they are produced, and their impact on the environment.  In that sense it makes the most sense to buy regionally produced goods.

If you share our vision and would like to join our team by starting your HIVE The Good Life in your country or region, send us an email at


Contact Information

HIVE GmbH, Düsseldorf
Managing Director: Haneen Al Rayes
Rathausufer 14
40213 Düsseldorf  / Federal Republic of Germany
Telephone 0211 1684892

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