Fascia and body alignment with Lauren Roxburgh

I discovered Lauren Roxburgh in 2016 when she published her book Taller, Slimmer, Younger 21 days to a foam roller physique. I had been suffering through several sports related injuries and found her exercises with a foam roller rehabilitating. In fact, I was so impressed I signed up to her aligned tribe and read her second book The Power Source. Lauren Roxburgh changed my entire thinking of training my body.

Foam Roller works the fascia

Lauren Roxburgh approach is ‘Align Your Body, Align Your life’. Using the foam roller to massage the fascia in various exercises, this allows your body to strengthen, elongate, and release toxins. More importantly by properly breathing and being aware of your posture through mindful movement you are releasing more toxins and stress. Through regular foam rolling exercises you can achieve a longer leaner body, your body stretches to its potential. You stand taller, breathe deeper and are more in tune to your body.

Suitable for Everyone

I am addicted to foam rollers! I have all types (a variety from Blackroll), each of Lauren Roxburgh (she makes travel size) and I do use them all, as do the rest of the HIVE family. Whether to massage the tense muscles between the shoulder blades, stretch, or just sit on, you will be amazed at the benefits of 25 minutes on a foam roller will do. Foam roll before your run or between exercises and you will feel the slow release of tension, the fascia being massaged, and your muscles stretching.

Foam rolling part of your overall wellness

I am amazed at how much pain people who train intensely feel while foam rolling. I believe that the high Intensity training leads to the muscles tensing up, this creates clumps in the connective tissue and the muscles become increasingly shorter. So it is very important to foam roll and stretch, incorporating foam rolling into your training schedule or even using it as a stretching and relaxing tool after a long day will help in massaging the fascia, reduce inflammation and buildup and release those toxins. Look for a medium good quality roller and happy rolling!

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