HIVE Granola – Pecan

The Original HIVE Granola

The original HIVE granola offers a nutty exotic taste – the combination of oats, pecans, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds as well as dates and honey make this our most successful granola! Thanks to this variety of healthy and nutritious ingredients, our granola provides enough energy for the whole day! You can eat it as breakfast, or as a snack.

A granola for breakfast provides you with a powerful start to the day. Loaded with fibre, protein, magnesium, calcium, and potassium HIVE granola will provide you with the nutrients you need for the day. Eat HIVE granola with milk, or non dairy milk substitute, yoghurt top with seasonal fruit if you desire.

We make sure that only selected and controlled ingredients are used for all our HIVE granolas. Our recipe ideas on our blog offer a variety of ways in which you can incorporate HIVE granola so your breakfast doesn’t always  taste the same!  A powerful breakfast boosts both your ability to concentrate your immune system.

Are you a late riser and unable to enjoy a full meal in the morning?  Take your HIVE granola with you, pack it in To Go Mason Jars where you can keep the granola separated from your fruit and yogurt until your ready to eat.  Its the best way to ensure that you eat well and healthy!


Oats, Pecans, Cashews, Pumpkin Seeds, Dates, Olive Oil, Honey

HIVE Granola aus Düsseldorf mit Pekan Nüssen

100 g – 4,90 €

400 g – 14,90 €

600 g – 19,90 €

900 gr – 26,90 €

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100 gr granola to get to know a granola or as a small souvenir
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600 gr granola - just the right size when you have found your favorite granola!
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