History of HIVE The Good Life

I started baking granola for my family, because I could not find anything remotely close to what I considered healthy sugar free granola. By chance I combined a method I learned growing up in the Middle East to sweeten the granola I was working on and it became a huge success with family and friends.  So much that friends started to order my granola, and with some encouragement I started seeking out a local bakery that could regularly produce what is now the original Pecan HIVE The Good Life Granola.  There was a point when we were unable to source pecans and substituted them for walnuts only to find another bestseller on our hands.  Eventually we developed a few more tastes to provide more variety but more importantly we stuck to the core belief of using regional produce and no refined sugars or artificial sweeteners.  More importantly we keep our production small to maintain quality and freshness.  We want our customer to always receive freshly made produce with high quality ingredients.

Many ask us why is HIVE The Good Life Granola not BIO certified. The answer is simple, it would be too expensive to produce and sell.  Another problem I personally have is coming to terms with buying a BIO ingredient that is sourced abroad when I have a regional distributor close at hand.  HIVE The Good Life uses bio products in most of its products however when it comes to the price of nuts we have to remain reasonable to make sure that the consumer is satisfied.

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