HIVE Granola Protein Balls

Protein balls are a convenient way for you to take your healthy snacks on the go or have as a healthy alternative to a dessert. Plus they are super easy to prepare!

You can make these from any crumbs left over in a granola bag, or you can use the granola whole. You can adjust this recipe to the granola you have available, just make sure you gradually add the coconut oil to avoid over processing and mushiness in texture.


Process or blend both ingredients until you are able to roll the dough to the point that the ingredients are able to stick together, if the mixture is not sticking you will need to add more coconut oil.

Roll, place in an airtight container and refrigerate.

You can also add almond butter, peanut butter, even dark chocolate! Get creative and make it your own! Just remember that they have to be kept cool so if you take them on a picnic make sure they are in a cool pack.

If you come up with something please post, tag and share with HIVE!

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