HIVE The Good Life’s Philosophy

HIVE The Good Life granolas are baked at the WfaA bakery located in the tranquil Südpark of Düsseldorf.

The WfaA trains and hires people with disabilities in all its branches of work. HIVE The Good Life is proud to be part of the wonderful always smiling team at the Südpark bakery. With team effort and great positive spirit at WfaA HIVE is able to produce fresh granola in regular batches insuring quality and a rhythmic work flow.

Baking granola was new to the WfaA bakery, even though granola has been around forever, especially in the United States, it has only come into the German market in the past few years. Granola is basically baked Müsli with more difficulty to make as granola tends to burn quite quickly and must constantly be supervised. With the high quality ingredients that HIVE uses (dates, pecans, walnuts to name a few) it is a not something you want to burn!

When Haneen Al Rayes the founder of HIVE The Good Life started baking granola for her family she did not envision producing it for a living, but once word of mouth got around that her granola had an extra special something, she had to look for a bakery to help fill in the demand.  Haneen founded HIVE in 2015 and grew organically, as soon as she could not produce to fill in the orders she searched for a bakery that would be able to create her basic recipe in larger masses.  This took some time and lots of test trials with other bakeries in the Düsseldorf area, but once she visited WfaA she knew that this is what HIVE The Good Life stands for – collaboration helping one another – supporting one another.

All HIVE The Good Life granolas are baked at WfaA and each package is labeled and packed by hand, because of the small fresh batches regularly produced, the idea is to keep the made by hand and with care from start to finish.

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