Home Spa

There are many options for self care that when you do not have the time or possibility to go to a spa you can self heal at home.

HIVE is happy to share a few suggestions of the things we have tried and tested that allow you to self heal and care.

Body Brushing

We go on about body brushing and its benefits and this is the easiest and cheapest thing you can do for the largest organ in your body – your skin. Invest in body brush that is not too hard and brush towards the heart from the feet to the neck, always moving upwards in swift movements. This is a wonderful lymphatic drainage that removes toxins, exfoliated your skin and relaxes your body.

Aligned Domes or Acupuncture Mat

Acupuncture has been known to reduce stress, back pain, improve the immune system and add relief to from migraines and digestive conditions. So imagine having this at your fingertips to use at your leisure? Lauren Roxburgh offers aligned domes and shows movement and stretches that you can do with them to relieve aches and pains but also to relax and destress. Alternatively you can buy an acupuncture mat that you lay on to help relieve aches and pains. It is uncomfortable when you first start but the benefits and the feeling afterwards is well worth it!


Unless you are living with a professional massage therapist its going to be hard to give yourself a massage! With the hypervolt you can actually give yourself and your family a massage to ease the tension from exercise, sitting a lot or just to relax. If using a gun like instrument on your body terrifies you, then invest in a foam roller, a simple one can roll away the tension and provide you with relief, there are also ones with vibration which activate and regenerate muscle and tissue.

Ice Bath and Infrared

We all have heard of the benefits of ice baths in using aching muscles and limiting the inflammatory response in your body, but it takes a strong wilful person or athlete to lay in an ice cold bath for 2 minutes. And if you do not have access to a Kryotherapie studio(which we totally recommend) then maybe just immerse your feet regularly in ice cold water or start by reducing the temperature in your showers.

As ice cold is good for your body so is extreme heat and the infrared sauna blanket is a way to bring the sauna to your home! Basically you wrap yourself and sweat it out for a maximum of 50 minutes. Not only will you be drenched when you get out but you will keep on sweating throughout the day as your body detoxes and releases the toxins.

All this too much to do? Then simply run your bath, put your phone away, play some spa musicand sink into your bath.

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