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Get to know us better and find out why we founded HIVE.

The most important secret of HIVE is real passion. The recipes are optimized again and again, the granola is baked in a bakery that focuses on people with disabilities and, finally, each bag of granola is individually packed.

HIVE produces granola freshly and regularly insuring quality control.

We only use the best oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits and local honey to produce our granolas, muesli and porridges which we mix and bake at a local bakery in Düsseldorf. 

We do not use preservatives or refined sugar. We sweeten our granolas with honey, dried fruit, maple syrup or coconut sugar.

With these steps we ensure you start your day strong and focused. You will notice that your energy is retained for longer periods of time, no matter how busy the day. 

Hive Düsseldorf | Honey

Combine your HIVE granolas, porridge or muesli with seasonal fresh fruits, milk, yoghurt or milk substitutes.

Be inspired by our wonderful recipes and start your day in a powerful way.

Would you like to sample HIVE products?

We offer 100g samples of all our granolas, muesli, porridge and teas.

Choose one of the sample packages in our shop and find your favorite granola. Let yourself be inspired by the recipes in our blog.

Our sample boxes make wonderful gifts to friends, family and colleagues.

And once you have found the flavours you enjoy, there are larger quantities – no matter how many people you have at the breakfast table!

The Tester
100g granola to get to know a granola or as a small souvenir
400g granola - the small size - just the thing for maximum diversity and small households
600g granola - just the right size when you have found your favorite granola!
1,000g of granola - enough for the whole family!

Questions or suggestions?

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Different each Day
Get inspiration from our blog!​

HIVE granolas are not just for breakfast, they can be combined in a variety of ways.  Find out more by visiting our food blog.

Not only will you learn a lot about the creative ways to use HIVE granolas but also about the products we have tried, tested and recommend.

Enjoy and be part of HIVE THE GOOD LIFE!



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