What @schnauzermauzer teaches me

Uma, our beloved Miniature Schnauzer, serves as a daily reminder to pause and learn valuable lessons from her simple yet profound actions. Here are a few instances where Uma imparts wisdom:


Uma’s deliberate stretching routine, taking her time to extend each limb, serves as a gentle nudge for me to prioritize self-care. In the midst of a busy day, I often forget the importance of physical stretching, and Uma’s mindful approach reminds me to take moments to rejuvenate.

Stopping to Smell, Listen, and Observe:

Uma’s leisurely exploration during walks, smelling every post and observing her surroundings, encourages me to appreciate the present. I’ve started leaving my headphones behind, choosing instead to immerse myself in the sensory experience of our walks, learning to be fully present in the moment.


Observing Uma nap with pure contentment reinforces the significance of rest. My mother’s wisdom about letting others sleep undisturbed resonates, and Uma’s peaceful naps become a source of joy. In a world that sometimes views napping as laziness, Uma’s example serves as a reminder to embrace the rest we need.


Uma’s graceful response to conflict, walking away unfazed and shaking off negative experiences, is a lesson in resilience. In a world filled with unsolicited opinions, I strive to adopt Uma’s attitude – holding my head high, walking my path, and shaking off unnecessary negativity.

Considering Another Companion:

As our daughter suggests adding another Schnauzer to our family, I reflect on Uma’s current contentment. We’ve been contemplating finding a companion for her before she undergoes surgery, so if your reading this and know a male Miniature Schnauzer that also wants puppies – write me!

However, witnessing Uma’s mood swings and understanding the potential benefits of the procedure for her, we’ll navigate this decision on our journey.

In the meantime, I cherish our walks with Uma, keeping her healthy and happy. As we move through life one walk at a time, Uma continues to be a source of inspiration and a reminder to embrace the simple joys that surround us.

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