HIVE Granola Taster

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  • no refined sugar
  • no preservatives
  • contain honey
  • contain nuts
  • HIVE’s own blend of Pumpkin Spice
  • Freshly baked
  • No preservatives
  • Nothing artificial
  • Nut filled – we are generous with our nuts!

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HIVE Granola Taster

The HIVE granola taster pack consists of our original Pecan granola, Pumpkin Spice granola, and  Walnut Granola.  Giving you a chance to try the first three granolas HIVE The Good Life started with, so if you don’t know which granola to choose this will give you a broad selection of what HIVE The Good Life has to offer.
Pecan Granola is the granola that started it all, it is the very first granola that HIVE The Good Life produced.
Walnut Granola came about when HIVE The Good Life could not source pecans and we had to find a substitute, it took off, making it one of our best sellers.
Pumpkin Spice Granola we wanted to capture that autumn taste in a granola, by mixing our our own pumpkin spice we created our own craze with this heart warming granola.
HIVE Granola Taster contains granolas that have honey, if you are vegan or do not consume honey, check out our HIVE Vegan Granola taster pack.
Keep in mind that the honey HIVE The Good Life uses in our granolas comes directly from the beehive at Südpark, Düsseldorf.  We do our best to source ingredients regionally ensuring quality and sustainability.



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