Clean & Fine Body Products

HIVE is constantly testing new companies offering ‘clean’ face and body products. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, this makes what we put on it very important as it will go into our bodies. So whether it is the shampoo, body wash, or face oil you use make sure that it is actually clean and works for you.


Fine Cosmetics started with deodorants. It is actually what most people first switch to, clean deodorants. Maybe because we get a sense that we really are putting something chemical into our bodies when we use a regular deodorant. At HIVE we love the scents and texture from Fine Cosmetics and the fact that they were vegan, clean without aluminium salts and of course they work!


It is very difficult finding the right balance for a body oil; too sticky and you never want to have it on, too light and your skin looks dry soon after application. With Fine Cosmetics body serums the mixture is perfect! Shake, pump the dosage, inhale and massage, it is a wonderful ritual after a shower, or before bed. For us at HIVE it was a quick move from the sample set of three to the larger 200ml bottles of Focus, Energy, and Peace.


Fine Cosmetics Body Serum is part of our morning routine after body brushing. Body brushing is when you use a body brush in sweeping motions (towards the heart) from feet to neck. This activates the blood circulation, rejuvenates the nervous system, eliminates dead skin, enhances digestion and kidney functionality and enhances absorption of nutrients into the skin – which makes the body serums work. Make sure that you find a brush that is made from natural fibres and is not too rough on the skin.


Fine Cosmetics products are really natural: 100% vegan, without animal testing, artificial preservatives, dyes, other fillers or synthetic fragrances. Aluminum salts are also avoided. And the effectiveness is second to none. We at HIVE are huge fans!

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