Puzzle Power

The Start of a Challenging Puzzle Journey

During the pandemic after consulting with an avid puzzler (I learned from google that they are called Dissectol0gist) I decided that a puzzle with the HIVE logo would be a great exercise.

Lessons Learned from Puzzling During the Pandemic

I usually assist my avid 1000 piece puzzler or Dissectologist when she is working on her annual summer puzzle, and since she was staying with us during the pandemic we thought we could do it and she urged me to go bigger – 2000 pieces. 

Tips for Aspiring Puzzlers

In hindsight  – it was plain INSANITY!  My first real large puzzle, 2000 pieces and 90% of the pieces are WHITE.  Forewarning if you would like to start puzzling start with 500 pieces and of a picture with lots of colours! A family photo perhaps (not where you all wearing one color!)

Starting Small: The 500-Piece Puzzle

Pandemic has been now forgotten about and our hearts and thoughts are now with the insanity that is happening in Ukraine, and the puzzle is not yet complete but I do have approximately 300 white pieces left after 1 year and 9 months in counting!

The Importance of Determination in Puzzling

To be fair the puzzle is very large 68×96 cm and occupies a lot of space, it also had to be put away at many occasions because we travelled, I was not motivated, we renovated, and so I was not surprised I was going on almost 2 years!  But this is the last leg and with the help of a friend during the weekends, and the encouraging words of my University Dissectologist friends on Facebook I am determined to finish this puzzle before June 2022.

The Final Stretch: Completing the Puzzle

Doing this puzzle has taught me so much, the sheer determination alone is what I count as the greatest achievement, the dreams I have had of Tetris like white shapes raining down on me, and the endless times I spent in deep concentration made me realise that by concentrating on one piece at a time and moving on when it seems that nothing fits is the best way to finish a puzzle and go through life, because really are we not all just always looking for the right piece to fall into its place?

I will share of course a video of the last few pieces and the proud moment when I finally hang this puzzle knowing the effort and hard work that went into its will be felt each time I see it.  

If you are interested in creating your own puzzle, I make mine with Puzzles Print.

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