Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions of HIVE The Good Life

Does HIVE The Good Life Produce gluten free granola?

No we do not, Gluten free means that we would have to be a pure Gluten free bakery, which means zero contact with any gluten products and a special sealed packaging.  Pure oats are gluten free and safe for most people with gluten intolerance, however as we are not a gluten free bakery contamination with gluten ingredients can occur while baking.

Why are HIVE The Good Life granolas, müsli, and porridges not organic or BIO?

HIVE The Good Life tries to source as much of the ingredients as possible regionally and from organic producers.  However we are not 100% BIO or organic because the products would be too expensive.  Our granolas have a lot of nuts, HIVE The Good Life granolas, müsli and porridge are generous with the nuts, unlike many other brands that use more oats and seeds to add weight to their packaged granolas.  We also look for regional vendors and do not see the justification of buying organic labelled ingredients from far away countries adding more cost to the consumer.  

Are HIVE The Good Life products available in shops?

HIVE The Good Life products can be found in some gourmet and health shops in Marbella Spain such as BioBanús Salud , but mostly we concentrate on our online retail.

What is the shelf life of HIVE The Good Life granolas?

We always set a 6 months shelf life for our granolas, however we also tested granolas surpassing their consumption date by a year and they have been good to consume.  It is important to seal the bag or empty the granolas into a glass tight sealed container to preserve their freshness.

Why are HIVE The Good Life granolas high in fat?

HIVE The Good Life granolas are high in good unsaturated fats, which help in preventing heart disease.  Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats which are also found in HIVE The Good Life granolas, müsli and porridge help risk of disease.

Does HIVE The Good Life ship outside Germany?

Yes we ship to all countries, unless your country does not allow food imports from outside countries.  At the moment our website ships to EU, outside the EU and the Middle East.  Contact us on for your personal inquiry and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  All orders are shipped with a tracking number which will be provided to the customer, as soon as the order is shipped its up to the customer to trace and if relevant clear their order from customs.




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