Reading to Inspiration

Very few people read anymore. With notifications of headlines popping onto your device and snippets of information (false or true) sent through social media to manipulate your thinking. Its become difficult and time consuming for people to actually sit down and read or even look into all sides of a story. It basically come to the point where you repeat or forward information you have not even cross checked.

Attention Span

There is no longer the attention span or the time to actually sit down to read a story and form our own opinion or maybe have none (there is nothing wrong with that either). Rather stay objective than take a side just to be on one. We need to go back to reading just for enjoyment, this alone will give us the incentive to relearn how we read into the news that has been presented to us.


One way to do this is to subscribe to magazine that you feel not only reflects your ideas but also other point of views or one that does not have to do with news at all for that matter. We at HIVE make no secret of our love and addiction to Monocle it is a magazine that provides us with news, recipes, travel, film, literature and business information, and with the subscription there is free access to their entertaining radio station. Which to us is like listening to friends discussing everything from world news to the latest book to read.

Another magazine we love is Breathe, it is literally like taking a mini holiday reading this magazine and knowing that this time is for ME. There are no advertisements, none, and that is rare to find! But more importantly Breathe offers you holistic tips, information on various alternative therapies, simple delicious recipes, crafts and gorgeous illustrations that accompany short and well written articles by practitioners all over the world.

Book Club

It is nice to be able to share what you have read with people and that is why book clubs are so popular. But there are book stores that even offer to send you a books a month according to your preferred genre or according to their selection. Which is also very interesting as you start to explore other genres that maybe you never considered before. Look for a local bookstore or an independent shop rather than a chain or amazon, we love Daunt Books and Unbound which is a wonderful publishing company that is reader funded. An idea that should take off in more countries, basically it is like creed funding for authors, the writers pitch an idea and if you like it, you fund it.

There is also something about reading a book you already read and enjoyed, you may see things that you missed before, it may or may not move you as it did, or it may invigorate you to read more.

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