Salted Caramel Granola

This granola is a revelation because it tastes sweet and a little salty. It is the pure feeling of happiness on the tongue. And the Salted Caramel from HIVE is not as unhealthy as you might think. Because we do not use refined sugar for our caramel either, but have experimented with coconut sugar and coconut cream for a long time. And all of our test eaters were very enthusiastic, and what about you?

A granola for breakfast means a powerful start to the day. The high proportion of carbohydrates gets the body going right away. Eat the granola from HIVE with milk, yoghurt or alternative grain drinks based on oats or soy. In addition to the dried fruit in the granola, you can also mix fresh fruit, such as berries or seasonal fruit. Because this way your body is supplied with many important nutrients and vitamins in the morning. And that makes for a diverse, nutty exoticism.

We make sure that only selected and controlled ingredients are used for our granola, because this is the only way you can enjoy the full taste of the granola. Make sure that you only use a selected food to serve your granola in the morning. Our great recipe ideas in our blog offer variety, because your morning breakfast doesn’t always have to taste the same! Recognize the diversity and get a wholesome meal that strengthens you for the day. A hearty breakfast will boost your ability to concentrate and your immune system will get an extra boost.

Are you a late riser and not yet able to enjoy a full meal early in the morning? You can also take the granola with you. In the great To Go Mason Jars you can keep the granola dry and only pour it over the yoghurt and fruit just before you eat. So you can also have your breakfast meal in the office, at university or at school. Because you know best what is good for your body.

100 gr – 4,90 €

400 gr – 14,90 €

600 gr – 19,90 €

900 gr – 26,90 €

Which size is the right one?

Would you like to try the products from Hive, the Granola manufacturer in Düsseldorf? Then get to know all types with our test packages!

Choose one of the test packages in our shop and find your favorite cereal mixture. And let yourself be inspired by the recipes in our blog.

Our gift boxes are also a nice gift idea!

And once you have found the right mix, there are larger quantities – no matter how many people you have at the breakfast table!

The Tester
100 gr granola to get to know a granola or as a small souvenir
400 gr granola - the small size - just the thing for maximum diversity and small households
600 gr granola - just the right size when you have found your favorite granola!
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