Savory Granola

The Savory Granola was created as a toping for salads, soups, rice, fish, or casseroles.   It is both wonderful to add to your food or eat alone instead of chips!

Full of nuts, seeds, oats, Sumac and   Zaatar. These wonderful Arabic spices are full of benefits: Zaatar  can improve the immune system, boost skin health, increase circulation, soothe inflammation, and boost energy.  We love it with feta cheese and some good quality olive oil.  Sumac is one the most anti inflammatory spices, it ranks high on the ORAC chart, which means its packed with antioxidants and has the ability to neutralise free radicals which are known to cause diseases such as cancer, heart disease and signs of ageing. 

So for those days that you want a change from HIVE granola mixed with fruit, add HIVE Savory Granola to your omelet or choice of eggs. 


Oats, Walnuts, Cashews, Almonds, Sesame Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Olive. Oil, Tomatoe Paste, Sumac, Zaatar

Hive Savory Granola | Granola aus Düsseldorf

100 gr – 4,90 €

400 gr – 14,90 €

600 gr – 19,90 €

900 gr – 26,90 €

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100 gr granola to get to know a granola or as a small souvenir
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