How much granola is in HIVE package?

We have prepared a size guide to help you decide:

The right size for every situation

If you are new to HIVE, you may want to get to know us first with the HIVE tester size of 100 grams is just right – which is approximately two to three servings, so just the right amount for you to decide which flavour or flavours are your favourite. 

The Small size is just the thing if you like a varied breakfast and want to have several different types of granola at home! There are about ten servings per bag.  And this size makes a perfect gift and fits into a stocking!

The medium size is for smaller households who know HIVE granolas and have found their favourite granola.

The large supplies an entire granola eating family.


The Tester
100 gr Granola the right size if you want to try it or as a little gift!
400 gr Granola – the small one, perfect for singles, a small household or if you want to change the taste often.
600 gr Granola – you found your favourite Granola? This is your size!
900 gr Granola – enough for the whole family
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