The Holistic Detox

Every year at HIVE we do a three week detox – usually during the first quarter of the year. The access of everything just gets to a point where your body needs a restart. The time of year depends on you when do you feel you need the detox. And for us it is usually after the ski holidays – we do have to think of everyone’s schedule and that includes the children!

21 day holistic detox by Nish Joshi
The 21 Day Holistic Detox by Nish Joshi, basically evens your PH level by cutting out the acidity produced in your gut in some foods. It not difficult but it does require like all diets, detoxes, cleanses, or fasts preparation and clearing your schedule to commit to it completely. If you are ready to take on this gluten, sugar, wheat, caffeine, red meat, shellfish free detox then this where you should start. Three weeks of freshly made food with simple recipes that will made you feel absolutely amazing. You will have more energy, your eyes will light up and you will feel better so much better that the 4 weeks maintenance programme will be a way of life that you carry on throughout the year!

Which detox program is right for me?
We try a variety of cleanses, detoxes and fasts throughout the year but the one that we do without fail annually is the 21 Day Holistic detox by Dr.Joshi. In fact we refer to foods as ‘Joshi’ and host ‘Joshi’ dinners, because you can eat! It is not about starving yourself its about cleansing your body with freshly made seasonal food. Whatever detox you embark on, remember prepare yourself mentally – so motivate yourself, clear your social calendar, and plan your meals ahead! The biggest mistake is not having food ready at any time of day, because you will be tempted to ‘grab something’ on the go and with most detoxes that just is not possible.

How long does a detox last?
Personally we don’t believe that anything less than 3 weeks detoxes the entire system, The juice cleanses are good for a body which is already somewhat cleansed,we find that they have the worst effect on first timers. So if it is your first time its best to start with a three week programme as it takes 3 weeks to break a habit, so if you are serious then look at those options, as juice cleanse may kick you off but those bad habits remain.

A whole detox program is too complicated for you?
It may be that a real detox program cannot be implemented in your life. So why not just cut things out of your diet? Avoid refined sugar and wheat take more walks, meditate or relax and see how you feel. Maybe then you will find a suitable detox or want to join us at HIVE for Dr Joshi 21 Days Holistic Detox in 2021.

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