To Go or to Prepare

So many choices of ‘healthy’ drinks to take on the go

But are they really that ‘healthy’ and how would you actually know? If you have not prepared it yourself you really can never be too sure.

All these people rushing with their smoothies and coffees and we wonder why not invest in a great machine so you can make your own great coffee and smoothies?

The answer is almost always its too hard to clean, this is more convenient, and I look cool and healthy walking around with my coffee or smoothie.

Not all Coffee is created equal

Of course they are not, there is commercial coffee which is mass produced, roasted and packed in large plants under brand names. Speciality coffee is roasted in smaller facilities using traditional methods and usually sold where its been roasted.

Look for a local coffee roaster, try their coffees and once you find the one you like buy directly from them the coffee beans or let them grind the coffee beans according to the machine you have at home.

No Coffee Machine?

No problem get yourself a French press, or go old school and get a coffee filter, and today there are so many gadgets out there that make espresso on the go, such as the Waco Nanopresso. And if you do decide to invest in a machine look for something simple, that does not need 20 minutes to warm up, because you will not end up using it. We love our Gastroback its easy to use, clean and takes a few minutes to warm up. As for the coffee – our absolute favourite is from Guatemala, hands down the best tasting coffee, not too sauer and if roasted correctly it is smooth and rich taste with no bitterness.

Smoothies instead of Coffee

According to Anthony Williams author of Liver Rescue drinking celery juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning can transform your health and digestion as it counteracts acidosis, purifies the bloodstream, helps in digestion and clears skin problems. So you can imagine how many people started drinking celery juice after hearing that!

Now there are several ways you can prepare the celery juice; cut the celery into pieces, place in a blender with some water, strain and drink immediately. Or you can invest in a juicer, we recommend the Angel Juicer it is so easy to clean and you can put the parts in a dishwasher. Not a juicing fan? But prefer Smoothies instead? There is only one machine that has the power to juice, make ice cream, prepare soups and sauces and that is the ever popular Vitamix. Check out Grüne Smoothies if you are looking for a blender or juicer. It is a website worth visiting not only for its great products but also for its recipes and tips.

Last but not Least

We all get too busy to cook, and sometimes we would just love to have the warm food waiting for us when we come home. And that is exactly what a Instant Pot does. With a large selection of cookbooks and so many online recipes it is super convenient as it can prepare tasty meals within one pot and keep your dish warm. You can also set a timer to have your food cook while you are away. Now you may think that is what a Thermomix does but the biggest difference is that the Instant Pot is larger and we have tested both and for a family of 5 a Thermomix is just simply too small. Plus the advantages of an Instant Pot is that it cooks your dried beans, lentils, rice and other grains in fraction of the time of a conventional stove top – dried black beans are ready in 20 minutes all while preserving all the nutrients!

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