Workout at Home

A varied and good nutrition along with regular exercise is a way of life, it is important for your overall health to take the time for some type of exercise. This is why it is important to at least have a good, environmental friendly, sustainable yoga mat. It is the actually all you need along with your own body weight! We love liforme because of their various sizes, alignments markers, and social consciousness.

There are plenty of online videos, tutorials and apps that will provide you with mat work exercise. You just have to find the right one that works for your level and you have to commit. We love Keri Verna at Beachyoga as she caters to all level, with or without equipment, and has a great fusion of workouts that are both challenging and strengthening.

The Least You Can Do

Leave 30 minutes each day for some light stretching and relaxation, meditation, visualisation, breathing, whatever works for you. Incorporate that with some exercise whether it is riding your bike or walking and you will be doing the bare minimum. And if you feel you want a bit more we at HIVE have some great recommendations!

The Bellicon trampoline

A Bellicon trampoline is a small trampoline – perfect for use in your home or garden. It comes with a variety of band strengths that you can easily change to suit your strength level. You can do your cardio safely on the Bellicon as it is a lot easier on the joints than traditional cardio exercises. The benefits of the bellicose are; it is proven to be thirty percent more effective than conventional cardio training, it is particularly suitable for training after injuries, to lose weight and to strengthen endurance and the immune system. Lauren Roxburgh has some great exercises on the bellicon and states its benefits perfectly: ‘its like an internal shower for your organs’

Holistic training

When training on the Bellicon every one of the 638 muscles in your body is stressed and strengthened. And you will also have fun – it feels like a light workout with little stress on your body and joints. After training, you will not feel exhausted and tired but rather energised and invigorated. I mean who does not remember the fun of jumping on a trampoline? And this is a workout, a healthy cardio workout that is enjoyable.

Aligned Tribe with Lauren Roxburgh

Lauren Roxburgh is called the body whisperer, and even though we have never met her we believe it. Her books and her online workouts offer an amazing alternative to that hard training that we have all experienced. We are not saying do not train hard, but rather alternate and provide your body that alignment and strength that comes from the deep core and stretching.

Trampoline, Resistance Bands, and Foam Rollers

You don’t need your own small gym to house a Bellicon, you need a space in your home. The bellicon comes retractable legs that can snap back making it easy to stow away. We also suggest investing in good quality resistance bands these will help you both achieve the flexibility you desire and offer the resistance to make any exercise that much harder. Use them just to lunge or squat around the house when you have those few minutes!

And of course you know how we love foam rollers and there are so many different kinds: various lengths, textures, with or without motors (yes some of them vibrate), but go for a medium one to start and work your way up to stronger strengths and different profiles.

Whatever you decide make sure that you designate a time and place for your time, maybe it cannot be the same time every day but do something that involves moving for yourself and for your health.

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